NORDWIND Festival Platform

The all-year-round NORDWIND PLATFORM will be active in six different areas, with different curators and network partners:

1. Artist-in-Residence Programme, first initiated in 2009, enables Nordic and German artists to enter into a direct dialogue and cultural exchange thanks to grants, workshops, master classes and symposiums;

2. cultural education and exchange between theatre educators from the Nordic countries and Germany, through different school projects and youth work;

3. exchanges with the creative industries, mainly in the area of internet art and internet theory;

4. the integration of highly successful artistic research in Scandinavia with Germany’s gradually developing scene, in a thematic long-term project and different symposiums;

5. various guest performances of important Nordic productions throughout the year, developed in the context of co-productions and network partnerships;

6. NORDWIND FESTIVAL which will showcase NORDWIND’s activities every two years. The festival both presents the results of the platform’s work and documents the diversity and innovation of Nordic arts and culture. Within the context of the festival with its specific theme and time-frame, the artists come to the audience’s and media’s attention once again. As a temporary event the festival creates a collective space, a sense of common purpose, which derives from the sum of the individual projects and goes beyond them. In the temporal and spatial concentration of events, encounters are made possible and relationships enhanced.