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Eliisa Erävalo


Eliisa Erävalo is a Stockholm based performer and choreographer. She studied dance and choreography at the University Collage of Dance in Stockholm and Theatre Academy Helsinki 2006-2009. Eliisa has performed with her graduation work, This is about somebody else, in several international venues. At Nordwind Festival Eliisa will be performing in The Bad The Good The Ugly, a piece made in collaboration with Emelie Garmén, Halla Ólafsdóttir and Dorte Olesen. 
At the moment Eliisa is working with Guilherme Garrido in his new piece that will premier in HAU3 January 2012. Eliisa is also performing in Freddie Opoku-Addaie’s piece Absent Made Present that will premier in the Royal Opera House in London March 2012 and with Rebecka Stillman at MDT in December 2011.  
Her latest own production is a collaboration with Kati Korosuo, A Good Friend, that will have it’s
premier in Zodiak in February 2012.  Eliisa is part of True Narrative Collective and Quardraphonic network.