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Emelie Garmén

Emelie Garmén is a dancer and performer based in Sweden. She has an education in contemporary dance from the Royal Swedish Balletschool and The University College of Dance in Stockholm, and currently Emelie is in the masterprogram for New Perfomative Practises at DOCH (University for Circus and Dance) in Stockholm.
Since 2005 Emelie has been performing in a various numbers of pieces touring in all of Sweden, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Norway. She has worked with choreographers such as Dorte Olesen, Gunilla Heilborn, Kajsa Giertz and Malin Hellqvist Sellén.
Emelie is a member of the ÖFA-collective since the start in 2004. ÖFA-collective is ÖFA-collective is an artist collective with 23 members from a variety of professional backgrounds and works today as an artistic platform that has produced several theater productions, workshops, exhibitions and clubperformances. ÖFA has developed into a strong and recurring point in Swedish cultural life and has for some international guest performances also established an audience outside Sweden. ÖFA are a part of Nordwind festival with a clubnight at Volksbuhne the 3rd of December.