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Late Night Bar - Abschlussparty - ÖFA

Late Night Bar - Abschlussparty - ÖFA

Saturday, 3. December 2011

On this night ÖFA will visit Berlin, for the first time, to spread magic over Nordwind. They will bring Berlin their best dance, craziest moves, they will pull surprises out of their asses, serve you ÖFA: Danceoke, bring music that makes something or everything in you vibrate, ask the questions you always wanted to answer out load and make the party rock. It will be a night to remember.

ÖFA is a feminist collective created in 2004. The ÖFA collective is a creative and professional network as well as a personal support and discussion group for its 23 members. Consisting of professional dancers, journalists, teachers, musicians, and more, the ÖFA collective work non-hierarchically to offer a wide range of productions and art forms – such as stage performances, text, workshops and clubs.

After the party in Volksbühne, please go to FESTSAAL KREUZBERG, where Nordic By Nature is throwing a concert and party!