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Round Table Discussions

Round Table Discussions

Monday, 28. November 2011

Nordic countries – Open Society and its ‘enemies‘

Following the attacks in Oslo and Utoya nothing is the same as before in the Nordic countries. The point of this round table discussion it is not to talk about the course of events or to have a further discussion about how sad it all is, but rather to look in depth at the question of the extent to which liberal and enlightened societies are prone to a form of radicalism and extremist tendencies that go unnoticed and at the consequences for politics, citizens and art. Is an open and equal society which is part of the self-image and identity of many Scandinavians largely a Utopia?

The panel:
Peter Wivel Former chief editor of »Information Weekendavisen« and »Berlingske Tidende«. Amongst others he wrote a book about the Red Army Fraction (2007). Since 2004 he works as correspondent for the Danish Newspaper »Politiken« in Berlin.
Knut Ove Arntzen Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Bergen, Norway.
Ulrika Holmgaard Former Cultural Attaché at the Swedish Embassy. From this autumn she takes up the position as director of Svensk Scenkonst, the Swedish Performing Arts association.
Morten Nielsen Actor and co-director of GLOBAL STORIES In the lecture HOSTAGE A STORY IN REALITY especially devised for the NORDWIND Festival, he will tell of his experiences as Samir, a Dane of Pakistani origin, in today’s Denmark.
Steinunn Sigurdadottir Author from Reykjavik, who made a name for herself at just 19 with her book of lyric poetry SÍFELLUR (1969). After spending seven years in Paris and the south of France she now lives in Reykjavík and Berlin.

Moderation Ines Pohl Chief Editor of taz, studied Germanist and Scandinavian.