Von Krahl Theatre

Von Krahl

Von Krahl Theatre was established in 1992 by the initiative of the current theatre director, Peeter Jalakas, and his company at that time – Ruto Killakund. Von Krahl  started to operate as project theatre, since 1998 Von Krahl has had its own permanent company and has received regular activity support from the state.

Approximately four large productions are brought to the stage annually; one of them is usually a larger-scale international production. In addition smaller (music) performances, projects and happenings are also staged during the season. The theatre gives approximately 100 performances a year.

In 2003 Von Krahl Academy was started. Von Krahl Academy is a series of lectures on varied subjects, like an alternative university without the exams and attendance control and meant for everybody. The topics have centred on cosmology, ecology, economic sciences, Estonian ballads, genius loci - spirit of place, and post-capitalist society.

In 2007 a completely new venture started – Von Krahl Theatre collaborated with the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy to start teaching new actors and directors. Von Krahl supervises their master classes and BA performances. these students graduated in spring 2011, and these young professionals are forming now the core of the Von Krahl Theatre group.

Hence, the Von Krahl Theatre has passed through various stages, but the common feature has been the urge to combine different forms of media and art and the understanding that contemporary theatre has to communicate through contemporary language with contemporary audiences.
The group of Von Krahl Theatre has worked together with the directors and performers as : Showcase Beat Le Mot, Kristian Smeds, Richard Maxwell, Sasha Pepelyaev, etc. Performed in Hebbel Berlin, DTW New York, Dansens Hus Stockholm, etc.